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Trucking Industry Readies for 2017

Trucking Industry Readies for 2017

While carriers are used to handling journeys of all kinds, some territory remains uncharted. As 2017 gets closer, many carriers, brokers, and drivers are waiting with anticipation to see what the next twelve months will bring for their industry. While 2016 was tense in certain aspects, it was also very eventful for the industry.

What will 2017 mean for truck driving? For starters, it may mean the start of some much-needed recovery. The American Trucking Associations published a report earlier this year, and it seems that the rough time 2016 brought for trucking may finally be coming to an end.

While the trucking industry won’t notice a sudden jump in things like demand and pricing, a steady increase is forecasted to occur over the next decade. 2017 will mark the beginning of this upward trend, and recent data has shown downward slumps in the industry seem to have bottomed out. This means that things are right on schedule for a better year in truck driving.

But there are still uncertainties pertaining to the industry’s future. One of the main topics of debate in the trucking industry is the abundance of new regulations that impacted trucking in 2016. From the introduction of mandatory ELDs to a new proposed max speed limit for heavier vehicles, many changes in the legal landscape of truck driving are carrying over to next year.

But a new presidential administration may not be as adamant about these regulations as current administrators have been. This means that the regulatory increases in 2016 may slow down and diminish as the new year proceeds.

While 2016 was unpredictable, many are looking to 2017 with hope. Time will tell what this new year holds for the freight industry, and whether or not any more surprises will make themselves known.

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