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Trucking Industry Jobs Trending Downward

Trucking Industry Jobs Trending Downward

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics released figures for February and while they detected that overall unemployment was dropping the news wasn’t good for the trucking industry. Overall the report exceeded expectations; around 190,000 jobs were expected to be added to the economy but instead 242,000 jobs were added. The unexpected increase was fueled by large increases in the food service industry and the social care / health care industry.

The trucking industry, on the other hand, had 600 less jobs in February. This statistic is especially worrying because it is from February is , a month that has special significance for hiring in the truck industry. For most years the job growth in February is more than in any other months. Even in 2014, when severe storms had halted many trucking operations, the industry added a lot of jobs in February. This doesn’t bode well for people in the trucking industry, as trucking is a job which requires a lot of training and experience. If the market size for trucking jobs decreases it doesn’t just mean lesser people will be able to join the industry; it also means existing skilled and experience personnel might also lose their jobs.

Along with the decrease in jobs, trucking payrolls were also on a decline in February. It is hard to pin down the exact cause of the decrease in jobs; trade is going strong and should not be lessening the demand for trucking. Some have suggested that it is not the trucking industry that is falling behind; instead the other transportation industries have gotten better. FedEx recently announced plans to reduce its truck usage and instead chose to acquire 20 more planes for deliveries. Such news is not welcoming for the trucking industry.

This month may also just be a bump in the road. However competition has gotten tough in the trucking industry. The managing director of the Truckload Carriers association was quite clear about this in a recent keynote address in Las Vegas. He quite clearly mentioned that if your trucking company is not innovating then it might be time to look for work in another industry. The trucking industry can increase its demand by providing services with better technological integration. There are fears that increased automation will only further lower trucking jobs. The fact that vehicles may be automatically driven soon also looms over the truckers; though it may be a decade away but the time will surely come. – See more at:

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