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Trucking Industry Is the Foundation of the Economy

Trucking Industry Is the Foundation of the Economy

We observe trucks being driven on most freeways and highways, and drive alongside them as well. But what most of the people don’t realize is that the trucking industry is one of the major proponents of the American economy and has played a critical part in making the holiday celebrations a success for families all across the country. Every item, ranging from the Christmas trees, which are harvested far away and carried by trailer trucks to the neighborhoods near us, to the holiday meal, which is cooked using groceries that are hauled by trucks from the food manufacturing plants or straight from the farmers, is dependent on the trucking industry that doesn’t rest even during the holidays.

The individuals within this sector play a critical part in making every event and holiday a success for us. What’s more, if the condition of the trucking industry is poor, the price and the overall demand of the products will increase in turn. The goods will also become more expensive and with a slower delivery time, it might take weeks for the products to get to their destination. If we remove the trucking industry and their service from the equation, the arrival of essential items to our doorsteps will surely be a far-fetched idea.

The trucking sector not only makes transportation an easy task, but also helps in keeping us healthy and comfortable, by providing food items before they go bad or expire. Moreover, they are instrumental in keep the economy stable all over the country. Not only that, it is important to note that more than 17 million people are employed by the trucking industry nationwide, which is a substantial amount. There are at least 122,156 trucking companies operating in just United States and most of them are locally owned, small businesses, which pride themselves on providing employment to the local community.

Trucking also allows larger industries to propagate their business within the country. With more than $700 billion in annual revenue, the trucking industry is a representation of our nation’s economic prosperity and sustenance. The benefit is not just limited to the manufacturers but also the employees and the consumers. Trucks and their carriers transport 78% of the total manufactured good tonnage in the country. The industry has also proven its worth again and again by giving elite service to the citizens and companies all over the nation and has played an instrumental role in keeping the price of the consumer goods down.

Moreover, fleet companies are trying to elevate their service and operational capabilities by imbedding their vehicles with the latest innovations and the technological advanced gadgets and upgrades. After combining all the facts together, it will be correct to say that trucking remains a major contributor to our country’s economy. Each time you pass a truck or a trailer on the highway or when you are driving alongside one of them, remember that you are not just looking at a massive vehicle, it is a major element which has made America one of the most sustainable economies in the world. – See more at:

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