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Trucking Industry in Nevada

Trucking Industry in Nevada

The winter holiday season is the season of giving gifts, and upgrading the household. With furniture being a common buying item, shopping of other products online has also escalated this year during the holidays, according to the report by MasterCard SpendingPulse. In fact, 7.9% increase in the overall spending has been observed compare to last year’s statistics.

The data is covering the spending from Black Friday to Christmas Eve based on retail sales on cards, and approximation of checks and cash purchases through surveys. The rise in furniture sales was in double digit percentages. Additionally, holiday sales and free and fast delivery of items are the main factors which are contributing to the increase in percentage. This elevation in spending rate, calls for more trucks to deliver packages on time and make the holiday happen, like they do every year.

Nevada, being one of the states in the U.S. whose economy is highly based on trucking industries, also saw great activity this year during the holiday season. From Christmas trees, to the clothes being worn, to the gifts to be given, to the furniture to be added into homes – the professional trucking industry played a very significant part in this western state.

The trucking industry is on the rise in Nevada, but not just during the holidays. 80% of the public in Nevada is reliant on trucks for shifting goods. The decrease in these trucks will thus, result in time-consuming delivery and expensive delivery charges. They are the only medium through which the shipments are delivered. In addition to delivering packages and creating link between states, the trucking industry is also creating job opportunities in the Silver State.

With a good middle-class wage, the truck businesses create jobs for around 49,270 people. This equals to 1/21 jobs in the state, and a significant number of people all over the country (approximately 7 million) with jobs in the trucking industry. This is because there are efforts of number of people involved in delivering a single package, undamaged and on time. These professionals include technicians, maintenance personnel, logistics managers, and many others.

According to the 2013 data of the total industry based jobs, there were 16,290 jobs for truck drivers alone, who drove delivery trucks, heavy duty trucks, or tractor-trailers. The total industry salary of Nevada was also more than $2.2 billion, for the year 2013. This also helped in generating the federal and state roadway taxes of around $241 million.

Furthermore, Nevada’s trucking industry is contributing to the economy by supporting small businesses as well. These businesses have been an essential means of ensuring the economic stability of America. There were 2,930 trucking companies in April 2014 in the country, in which the majority was of locally-owned small businesses. The trucking industry also contributes to the prosperity of statewide economic development, as 132,817 tons (94%) of total manufactured goods are transported through trucks, every day.

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