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Trucking Habits

Trucking Habits

Every trucker remembers their first day on the job. Given their obvious desire to do well and make a lasting career in the field, almost all truckers started out being incredibly meticulous when it comes to following industry guidelines and recommendations. However, once you get a few long trips under your belt and feel more comfortable with your skills at the job, it can be much easier to bypass the pre-trip rituals and hit the road without a care in the world. However, following these suggestions can prove beneficial for anyone in the trucking industry. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran in the field, following a few steps can make any job much easier and less stressful.

01. Check Your Rig Before Heading Out

Every driver knows the importance of maintaining their rig. This topic is covered heavily on the CDL exam, talked about frequently in trucking schools, and strongly suggested by trucking companies. However, it can be easy for those who have never had any vehicular problems to take off on the road without checking their rig properly. But nothing is worse than experiencing an issue halfway through a trip and missing a deadline. A few minutes is all it takes to catch a problem and fix it before it causes a delay during your route. And speaking of routes…

02. Plan Out Your Route Ahead of Time

After you get established in the trucking industry, it can be easy to become so confident in your navigational skills that you neglect to plan out your route properly. While most companies will give you directions in either paper form or pre-programmed routes in satellite navigation units, looking ahead and making specific notes about important turns or tricky merges can make the trip much easier.

03. Plan Out Alternate Routes Just in Case

Every driver has experienced delays in their journey based on everything from weather to traffic jams. When your current route becomes backed up or even closed off for a period of time, it’s a good idea to have a backup route to take. While you won’t always need it, you’ll be happy to have it available just in case the need arises.

04. Find Out What to Expect

While it’s good to be confident in your skills, truckers need to be sure that they know what to expect before heading out. Researching weather forecasts and potential traffic situations can help you be more prepared. No one likes being caught off guard, and having a good idea of the hold-ups you may run into can help even the most skilled driver be more confident in their skills.

05. Don’t’ Be a Hero

It can be easy to accept a trip on short notice or agree to an unreasonable deadline in order to make the boss happy. While experienced truckers have a very good reason to be confident in their skills, it’s a good idea to maintain a level of realism when it comes to the types of jobs you accept and the kind you turn down. Taking on more than you can handle can result in stress and frustration. Knowing your skill level and agreeing to work based on realistic expectations is the best way to guarantee a long and successful career. – See more at:

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