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Trucking Groups Work to Strengthen Important Certification

Trucking Groups Work to Strengthen Important Certification

Certifications play a large role in the trucking industry. They help to make sure workers in the industry have the knowledge they need to perform tasks properly, and they also help to ensure reliability and credibility for the industry in the eyes of partner companies, the motoring public, and the legal system.

The American Trucking Associations’ Technology and Maintenance Council has recently teamed up with another notable group in the freight transportation industry to help strengthen the certifications for director and supervisor of maintenance equipment.

The TMC, who will be working with the North American Transportation Management Institute, aims to raise awareness about and make improvements to courses which play a big part in the Denver-based NATMI certification programs. These programs are nationally recognized and accredited by high-ranking universities. Strengthening them could have many benefits.

Updates to the courses include amended requirements, broader scopes, different class schedules, and new content. Courses will be held on March 2nd and 3rd in conjunction with the Tennessee Trucking Association and TMC’s 2017 Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition.

NATMI has said that their main reasons for changing the courses is to help those who complete them become more competent professionals. They also claim the updated courses can help professionals earn more industry recognition and give more credible testimonies in court.

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