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Trucking Group Takes Steps to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking

Trucking Group Takes Steps to Raise Awareness About Human Trafficking

The trucking industry is no stranger to stereotypes. Those who have been in the field for a while know that anytime a person mentions that they are a truck driver, they may be subject to preconceived notions about the ethical and professional nature of their occupation. While this type of collectivist thought can be hard to shake, trucking companies have taken additional steps in recent years to improve their image and change the common opinions associated with trucking. Some companies are even going the extra mile and working to raise awareness about serious problems. The Colorado-based nonprofit organization Truckers Against Trafficking is working to combat human trafficking across the world.

Multiple reports have been made about the institution of human trafficking and the terrible effects it has had on the lives of those who have been victimized by it. Truckers Against Trafficking has been touring the country with trailer in tow, appearing at all types of locations from truck stops to trucking trade shows. With a small staff and displays aimed at creating awareness about human trafficking, the non-profit organization has been effective at spreading the word about this problem and the steps that can be taken to solve it.

The National Human Trafficking Resource Center received an increase in calls over the past two years. This is good – it means that the word is getting out about this problem and people are taking steps to try and free the victims of human trafficking. The Colorado-based startup has worked to train truckers to identify potential warning signs that indicate someone may be a victim of human trafficking. Whether the truckers call the Resource Center or local authorities in response, these small steps can have a big impact on helping victims of trafficking. Given that truckers are on the road so much, many believe they can be a valuable resource in fighting this type of problem.

Truck stops are sometimes used to help drivers exchange or rearrange cargo for a trip. Unfortunately, these types of locations are also some of the most common ones where those involved in human trafficking bring their victims. By making truckers aware of the problem and helping them understand the best ways to respond, Truckers Against Trafficking have made positive changes in their industry. Not only does this type of activity help reverse the stereotypes associated with truckers, but it can help victims of human trafficking be freed.

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