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Trucking Freight Chatbot Released

Trucking Freight Chatbot Released

Trucking continues to be influenced by the emergence of new technology. Apps and mobile technology have found their way into many cabs across the country, and developers of this technology continue to innovate and introduce new ideas to the industry. Trucker Path is well known for their contributions to the trucking tech field, and their crowd-sourced trip planning app has been well-received by many drivers in the industry. And while this app offered drivers a way to make their lives on the road easier, Trucker Path continues to innovate.

Trucker Path recently released Trucker Path Bro. The unique creation is being called the trucking industry’s very first chatbot.  It works by responding to a driver’s location-based text messages and provides many helpful updates. Drivers can locate nearby facilities, find weighing stations, and get updates about trucker-friendly parking areas. The app is designed to help save drivers both time and money in order to create a more pleasant road experience. Much like Trucker Path Pro, the app promises to help assist drivers on even the longest and most difficult trips.

These apps have been inspired by the type of communication drivers used to utilize with CB radios. While mobile devices have made things more convenient in terms of chatting and acquiring information, Trucker Path has taken things to the next level. With real-time updates and user-friendly trip planning capabilities, Trucker Path Pro and Trucker Path Bro are both becoming assets for nearly any driver on the road. Research shows that over 400,000 drivers in the US use this technology.

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