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Trucking Firms Work to Support Members of the National Guard and Reserve

Trucking Firms Work to Support Members of the National Guard and Reserve

Truckers have a unique role in the economy which sees them doing a large amount of work and rarely getting the recognition they deserve. While they spend most of their time in the background and rarely find themselves getting noticed for the large impact they have on the economy, this has made some more committed to working with other people who experience the same phenomenon. The National Guard and Reserve forces are generally considered to be some of the most underappreciated branches of the military, and trucking companies are taking steps to support these groups. Multiple companies worked together to produce a statement of support for these branches of the military.

The Department of Defense’s Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve program (ESGR) is an initiative put forth to make it easier for companies to contribute directly to the members of the Guard and Reserve forces. In a ceremony that marked a large scale agreement between multiple important figures in the trucking industry, many promised to use their position, influence, and resources to support soldiers – especially during deployment. This type of support is welcomed, as the National Guard and Reserve units both prove to be valuable branches of the US military.

This effort put forth by multiple well-known trucking companies in the industry has promised to work hard in supporting former members of these military branches using more than just words. By working to help provide these individuals with jobs as they return home, the companies ensure that Guard and Reserve members are not forgotten when they get back from deployment. With solid work waiting for them from a company that appreciates their commitment to protecting the country, these military members can enjoy the sense of gratitude that many in the trucking industry believe they are long overdue for.

Alan Youngsman, ESGR’s chairman of committees said “Hiring veterans is good business. You get somebody who knows how to dress, how to get to work on time, and what it means to be a team member.” The discipline, commitment, and no-nonsense attitude that Guard and Reserve members are known for translates well into the trucking industry where timeliness, precision, and dedication are all requirements of the job. With a program like this to help military members transition back into the traditional workforce, they will be able to know their sacrifices were not only appreciated but helped them create future opportunities for themselves and their families.

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