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Trucking Company Required to Pay for Fuel Spill

Trucking Company Required to Pay for Fuel Spill

An accident that results in spilled fuel can be extremely hazardous for a number of reasons. The cleanup work required to correct an issue of this type is a very thorough and costly process. Crews had to clean up over 8,000 gallons of diesel and gasoline in Fountain Creek after a tanker truck accident.

However, the bill for the cleanup project itself won’t be footed by the city – instead, the trucking company responsible for the accident will be required to cover these costs. Lloyd Harsha was walking along Fountain Creek and found crews working tirelessly to clean up the large fuel spill. She noted that crews were on the scene quickly to respond to this potentially dangerous situation.

Colorado Springs Fire Department Chief Ted Collas said: “Well it’s a big situation, any time you’ve got hydrocarbons like that, that can get onto the ground, get into the environment or into the stormwater system.”

The Environmental Protection Agency is overseeing a project to ensure that the spill is cleaned up according to the appropriate guidelines. Belfor Environmental has been hired with managing the cleanup by the trucking company. Crews understand that time is a factor when it comes to getting the spill cleaned up.

Kathy Nelson, an employee of the Pueblo County Health Department said: “We have a homeless population that is very close to the creek where they camp. We have reached out to agencies such as Posada to inform them of the situation so that they can go and do education and warning systems.”

There is plenty of work left to do in the cleanup project, with many worried about how the fuel spill will affect the local ecosystem. Citizens are currently being asked not to drink or go into Fountain Creek via Colorado Springs through Pueblo until cleanup efforts are finished.

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