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Trucking Company Pays Settlement After Fiery Crash

Trucking Company Pays Settlement After Fiery Crash

A trucking company recently paid a large settlement at the end of a lawsuit pertaining to a ghastly crash. The proceedings where held after an accident last year claimed the life of a South Carolina truck driver. The accident was a brutal one, resulting from another driver’s apparent lapse of concentration coupled with negligence behind the wheel.

The accident occurred when the late driver was coming up a hill on August 19th. The driver was traveling in the early hours of the morning and was driving at a speed of about 25 mph according to his attorney. The trucker, Kenneth Avis, was caught off guard by a tanker truck. The tanker was sitting across the road, blocking the path with no indication from the other side of the hill.

Despite traveling at a safe speed, Avis was not able to prepare in time for the unexpected hazard. Given that the length of the tanker truck blocked the entire road, there was no way for Avis to avoid a collision. He slammed on his brakes before colliding with the tanker. After being struck by the truck on the dark rural highway, the tanker and the truck burst into flames.

The tanker was loaded with about 8,800 gallons of gasoline. The resulting fire was so intense that it necessitated repairs to the roadway where the crash occurred. The crash occurred in Orangeburg County, and the truck driver perished in the flames after the collision.

The driver of the tanker, David Gullikson of Georgia, was not injured. He is being accused of more than an unsafe maneuver on the roads. In addition to stopping and attempting to back up an intersecting road, Gullikson is being accused of drug use and a lack of training. It is alleged that he was under the influence when the incident occurred, as he tested positive for amphetamine and methamphetamine.

The lawsuit alleges the tanker driver could’ve turned in a nearby parking lot. His company, Eagle Transportation Corp., is paying $11 million to the late trucker’s family, including $3.8 million to cover court fees, and $2.4 million to be paid to future descendants over the next several decades.

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