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Trucking Company Owner Bribes Safety Inspector

Trucking Company Owner Bribes Safety Inspector

A commercial vehicle enforcement officer has been found guilty of accepting bribes from a Dallas trucking company.

Kevin Gerald Cauley is a former Texas Department of Public Safety sergeant, and was found guilty of accepting bribes related to the safety inspections of vehicles. The 50-year old Roise City-native accepted over $20,000 from a business owner for the inspection decals he issued for over 30 trucks.

Neither Cauley nor his attorney could be reached for a comment.

There were several inconsistencies in the reports Cauley filed on his safety inspections. One of these pertains to the location where they took place. While the reports claim that some safety checks occurred on the side of the road, some actually took place at one of the trucking businesses.

Another inconsistency deals with the number of officials present during the inspection. While Cauley’s reports claim that another sergeant was present when he performed some of the inspections, he actually did them alone.

The court did not release the names of the two trucking companies involved in the controversy. In April, Cauley was charged with honest services wire fraud. After pleading guilty on June 13th, a sentence has not been given yet.

The charging documents said the inspector owed a duty of faithful and honest services to Texas and the state’s citizens. Fraudulent behavior of this time can do much more than damage the reputation of trucking – it can allow dangerous illegal activities and major safety hazards to slip by undetected.

The scheme was said to have taken place from July 2014 to September of 2015. Officials also noted that Level 1 inspections must be performed by two officials, even though Cauley claimed he conducted these checks in the most efficient manner possible.

One of the main benefits of a carrier have a better safety rating is that they get better insurance premiums. It was suggested during the hearing that this could’ve been one of the main motives behind the fraudulent activities.

Fewer violations is a positive for any trucking company. But when they obtain this status through fraudulent methods, it means big consequences and liability for everyone involved.

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