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Trucking Company Faces Lawsuit Over Failed Delivery

Trucking Company Faces Lawsuit Over Failed Delivery

The trucking business revolves largely around making deliveries in a timely manner.  But speed isn’t the only factor to consider – a carrier must also make sure they get freight to its destination in good condition. Damaged freight can cause issues for both the receiver and the carrier. An Arlington-based trucking company faces legal action for their alleged failure to transport a product in good condition. Starr Indemnity & Liability Company filed a suit against Paulao Trucking LLC on May 9th. The lawsuit stems from allegations of negligence and damage to cargo during transport.

A single-truck carrier operating under USDOT Number 2523601, Paulao Trucking is being accused of damaging a shipment of cowhides during transport from Maine. Star Indemnity & Liability Company, a well-known name in the investment industry, alleged that their business was harmed by the damaged shipment. In addition to seeking compensation for the damages, the plaintiff is also suing for interest and legal fees. Should the case be held up in court and go in the plaintiff’s favor, the trucking company will be forced to pay over $13,000 in total for the damaged delivery.

Trucking companies have many company-specific policies when it comes to transporting freight. While the transport of hazardous materials and perishables is regulated by law due to safety concerns, prepping cargo for a safe trip is largely left up to individual companies. While some are more stringent with the measures they take to protect cargo, others don’t have a set policy in place. The small size of Paulao Trucking means that the organization may not have freight protecting guidelines within their organization. It is feasible that a determination could be made by administrators that policies of this type should be implemented in the future. Paying out settlements like this can be difficult, especially for a smaller carrier.

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