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Trucking Company Expands into Home-Delivery Market

Trucking Company Expands into Home-Delivery Market

A well-known name in the trucking industry is looking to expand its services in order to stay relevant in a changing market. Schneider National Inc. is a giant in the industry of business-to-business trucking. The organization announced earlier this month that it had acquired two new operators. This acquisition was made with the intent of capitalizing on the popularity of online shopping especially when it comes to large, high-priced items.

In the past, online commerce was seen as a detriment to many freight carriers. As individuals avoided retailers and largescale commercial locations in favor of the convenience of shopping from the comfort of their own home, many trucking companies lost business. However, many items that are now ordered online can’t be delivered through the mail. This means that there is a place for freight delivery companies. Those that have focused on B2B operations in the past, like Schneider National, are preparing to enjoy a boost in business by expanding to this growing market.

Brick-and-mortar retailers have taken note of the tendency that present-day consumers have to buy larger items online. A growing emphasis on home-delivery services and reworked distribution systems has allowed the online market to act as a benefit rather than a burden to many organizations. Other companies such as XPO Logistics and Hunt Transportation Services have expanded their services in a similar manner to remain relevant and competitive in a changing market.

This market grew by 8% in the last year, with revenue nearing $7 billion. The furniture industry, and others that don’t run through the parcel network, present lucrative opportunities for freight carriers. Capitalizing on these opportunities may be the path that trucking companies should take to bounce back during a time when standard operations have slowed.

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