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Trucking Company Cited for Improper Disposal

Trucking Company Cited for Improper Disposal

Recently the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality cited Richmond Transport, a trucking company located in rural Lenox Township. The citation stemmed from Richmond Transport’s improper discharge of industrial byproducts and groundwater.

Luke Cousino, a member of MDEQ’s Southeast Michigan groundwater discharge compliance staff, said: “The result of the inspection was that they were in violation of Part 22 of the Part 31 rules of the Natural Resources Environmental Protection Act. We sent a compliance communication letter to Richmond Transport, citing their violation of Part 31 and Part 121 (of the Environmental Protection Act), which is the delinquent industrial byproducts section.”

The trucking company’s owner’s brother had filed a complaint in early July. An inspection was done roughly a week later. MDEQ officials said: “They have a garage where they wash one to two trucks per night. They use a standard, carwash powder soap. They’re using that to remove dirt and grime from the exterior (of the trucks). And then there’s a drain in the garage and water enters the drain and it goes through a series of catch basins and a septic tank before it discharges into a low vegetated area outside the garage.”

After investigating, MDEQ reached the conclusion that Richmond Transport was missing a permit – the requirement for a permit stems from the fact that the company uses an additive (Zep’s Truck & Trailer Wash Soap). The annual fee for the permit is $200.

Officials are currently performing tests to determine if petroleum products had been discharged into wetlands by the company. A staffer with MDEQ’s Department of Remediation and Redevelopment said: “I took samples for volatile organic compounds and poly-nuclear aromatics. VOCs are your gasoline, kerosene; then your PNAs are more what you look for when you are looking for diesels, oils, hydraulic oils, diesel fuels. Both of these combined cover a lot of your petroleum products.”

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