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Trucking Company Buy Out Leads to Layoffs

Trucking Company Buy Out Leads to Layoffs

Watkins & Shepherd Trucking was purchased by Schneider Trucking roughly a month ago. The Green Bay, Wisconsin based carrier offers a broad portfolio of transportation services and became successful after investing in logistics management early on. There was some speculation as to how the award winning company would change the Missoula maintenance facility. The news is not good for the dozen or so employees who work there, as it was found that Schneider would be shutting the facility down effective immediately.

The company also announced that it would be closing down another location in California, leading to an additional 16 jobs being lost. The company maintains that the move was a decision based on cost-efficiency. Given their existing resources, they plan to address trucking maintenance issues in other manners and will not need the additional locations. There are also reports which suggest the layoffs will affect an additional maintenance facility in Fontana, California.

Watkins & Shepherd was founded in 1974 and maintained over 20 terminals throughout the country. The organization specialized in handling the transport and delivery of goods which were deemed difficult to handle, such as furniture. The company was recently rewarded with the 100,000th Volvo I-Shift Commercial Truck for their fleet. Schneider Trucking has stated that they will provide both separation packages and outplacement services to those who lost their jobs.

When economic conditions make it tough for trucking companies to operate, many opt to sell to larger, more successful organizations. While this can ensure that at least some of the companies resources are used efficiently, it can also result in closings and layoffs. This unfortunate reality has been one that many truckers have experienced as companies are bought out.

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