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Trucking Company Accused of Leaving Drivers Stranded

Trucking Company Accused of Leaving Drivers Stranded

Drivers face threats from the motoring public, weather, and even the sedentary nature of their work arrangement. With so many hazards to deal with, drivers should certainly be able to depend on their companies.

However, one carrier operated by a former Arrow executive is being accused of putting drivers at risk. The actions of the carrier pose as serious of a threat as any other one on the road, with drivers saying the carrier left them stranded.

Omni Specialized is an Illinois-based carrier ran by Thomas Witt since 2016. Witt’s former company, Arrow Trucking, closed its doors right before Christmas 2009. It seems now that history may be repeating itself, with many of the same problems being reported with the new company.

Several drivers had complained about being denied the resources they need to do their job. Namely, late paychecks and disabled fuel cards left drivers stranded on their routes without a way to get home.

Drivers say the disabling of fuel cards happened with no prior notification from the carrier. Others claim that paychecks from the last several weeks still have not arrived.

One driver even reported that the situation was so bad, a driver was sent to siphon fuel from one vehicle to another so a route could be completed. Even after the incident, the driver was reportedly still told to make his delivery.

Witt had reportedly held a conference call with frustrated drivers earlier this month, promising to deliver on late payments. However, these payments are still pending at the time of this article.

The situation with Omni became even stranger recently, as companies that leased trucks to the carrier emailed drivers and told them to leave the trucks at company terminals and return equipment.

Omni has been on the receiving end of several lawsuits in recent years, with accusations ranging from late payments from a carrier the company was going to buy to accusations that they stole secrets from another carrier.

While Omni filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on May 29th, they promised there would be no changes in business as usual. The company recently filed for an emergency motion to pay employees money owed by temporarily bypassing debts owed to creditors.

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