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Trucking Associations Look to Pursue Denham Amendment

Trucking Associations Look to Pursue Denham Amendment

Both the American Trucking Associations and the Western States Trucking Association have expressed interest in federal legislation to remove decision-making power from states when it comes to laws for trucker breaks and pay. With a Republican-controlled Congress in position, many high-ranking trucking administrators now believe the field is right to pursue this agenda.

While strong federal power can sometimes be an enemy to business development and smaller organizations, many say that the opposite is true in this case. Joe Rajkovacz, head of government affairs with the Western States Trucking Association, said that smaller carriers often fall victim to lawsuits from states once one case is successfully litigated, resulting in a form of “legal” blackmail.

The proposition, which is known as the Denham Amendment, is not without its opposition. Some claim that the move would actually limit the capacity that smaller organizations have to organize and improve driver pay standards and break regulations.

Though the plethora of regulatory measures which can develop in a truck driver’s line of work because of their multi-state work environment can sometimes complicate matters, the push to get states out of the decision-making process has yet to be successful, despite many attempts to get similar legislation passed in previous years.

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