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Trucking as a Big-Data Industry

Trucking as a Big-Data Industry

The freight industry has gone through several evolutions over the years, with truckers still remaining the preferred mode for getting goods from A to B.

As the economy, the regulatory landscape, and the pool of available technologies changes, truck drivers are pressured to work within the current business environment to deliver optimal results.

Everything from coordinating routes more efficiently to reducing carbon emissions to freeing up capacity is important for carriers. Regardless of their size or field of focus, trucking companies need reliable information to make the right decisions for business.

The obvious perks of having the right information means data collection is more important than ever. Truckers and trucking administrators need to be able to analyze their decisions based on real-world situations, and gauge their strategies according to past success and failures.

Many of the trucking partnerships today do more than help companies increase the amount of business they get – they provide them with more information to improve operations. Something as simple as information on route plans, timelines of completion, or even fuel economy can be used as the basis for improvements.

Companies may desire to refine their supply chains, and thus they need to know what clients are looking for and what approaches have been tried previously. Those who want to cut back on waste to boost company profits can also benefit from big data, as it gives them a mathematical basis to go off of.

The focus on data collection means more than corporate partnerships – it means new equipment. Onboard systems designed for telematics, hour logging, and safety can record a great deal of information about a trip and relay it to a given location.

There is some controversy regarding data collection, as some see it as an invasion of privacy. This was one of the chief arguments made against the upcoming ELD mandate.

With so many companies trying different (but similar) approaches to coming out ahead in the industry, mixing strategies and making minor adjustments is key for getting the level of efficiency successful companies want.

Trucking’s dependence on big-data may only just be beginning, as more carriers see the benefits of data-driven strategies moving forward.

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