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Trucking App Creator Raises Awareness for Trucker Health

Trucking App Creator Raises Awareness for Trucker Health

Truck drivers have always been exposed to certain health risks due to their line of work. Life in the cab forces a person to be sedentary for the vast majority of their day. Add to that the fact that drivers are often forced to spend long hours away from their loved ones, and it’s easy to see why commercial truck drivers are very vulnerable to serious health issues.

But a familiar name in the trucking field is coming forth to help draw attention to this growing problem. Scale Buster, maker of the well-known trucking app of the same name, will be working on a social media campaign titled Thanksgiving Trucker Movember. This campaign, which will raise awareness for men’s health issues, will be created through the Movember Foundation.

Scale Buster mentioned that a great deal of focus will be placed on the trucking profession. Kirk Kaump, CEO of Scale Buster, said: “With long, solo hours behind the wheel and fast-food rest-stops along the way, professional truck drivers are exposed to some of the unhealthiest conditions.”

But the timing of this campaign isn’t coincidental. Thanksgiving is one of the hardest times for truck drivers. Kaump said: “Truck drivers are especially vulnerable to physical and mental health issues during major holidays like Thanksgiving when they are missing – and are missed by – their loved ones.”

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