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Trucking Alliance Voices Issues with ELD Speed Limiter Opponents

Trucking Alliance Voices Issues with ELD Speed Limiter Opponents

Electronic logging devices and speed limiters have been some of the most controversial talking-points in the trucking industry for quite some time. While safety advocates have been quick to voice their approval of these devices, they have also been very vocal about their opposition to the people who are against the mandatory implementation of these devices.

The US Department of Transportation has heard many arguments on both sides of the issue. Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao recently heard refutations against a coalition’s arguments opposing ELDs and speed limiters in commercial vehicles.

The Trucking Alliance has been in favor of these devices, agreeing with the consensus by administrations that they will play a big role in improving safety.

Other organizations like the Owner-Operators Independent Drivers Association have noted that these regulations are designed by those with ties to larger carriers, saying that smaller names in the industry may have a tough time once these mandates are in full effect.

Though their claims have been challenged by The Trucking Alliance, the debate continues to remain fierce as to whether the soon-to-be implemented mandates will have the impact that they are purportedly intended for.

Cost is always a factor when it comes to these kinds of changes, and groups have noted that ELDs would cost $2 billion to implement, with speed limiters costing an additional $845 million.

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