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Trucking Alliance Petitions for Update to Drug Screening Policy

Trucking Alliance Petitions for Update to Drug Screening Policy

Many organizations that specialize in transportation are associated with The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security (Trucking Alliance). These groups and companies have recently petitioned the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to allow hair testing over urinalysis for truck driving drug tests. Currently the FMCSA only recognizes urine tests as passable for trucking job drug screenings.

The petition says that this type of move would allow drug users to be identified more easily, and could allow carriers to share this information with others should hair test failures be allowed for sharing at trucking companies.

This move may allow trucking companies to screen applicants more efficiently, resulting in a faster hiring process while ensuring that all drivers on the road are certified as drug-free. According to current laws, any chance to substance screening regulation must involve the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the Department of Health and Human Services.

A number of companies worked together to submit this petition, and all of them currently rely on hair testing protocols. Steve Williams, president of the Truck Alliance and Chairman and CEO of Maverick Transportation said: “Maverick has had 108 people apply for truck driver positions who cleared the mandatory urine exam but failed our hair test. We denied them employment, but they likely found work at other trucking companies, because we can’t share those positive hair test results with those businesses. We have a responsibility to the general public that our industry’s drivers are drug and alcohol free, but, this loophole enables drug users to skirt the system.”

While hair tests are generally considered to be more accurate, the petition also acknowledges that these are costlier than urine tests.

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