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Trucking Adds Record Number of Jobs in March

Trucking Adds Record Number of Jobs in March

After a rough 2016 where truck driving jobs were dwindling and hiring rates were poor, the industry is now seeing big gains in the area of staffing. Though a surprising loss of jobs in January caused many to be concerned, numbers for February and March have led to industry-wide optimism and a welcomed relief for carriers and drivers alike.

The March gain of 4,700 jobs set records, as the new total for for-hire trucking stands at 1.4768 million. This is 2,600 additional jobs over the previous high set last December.

In contrast to March 2010, which was considered a low point for the industry due to an economic downturn and various other factors, trucking has increased the number of jobs by 19.7%. When compared to last year, the industry has added over 24,000 new jobs.

This is somewhat unexpected as overall job growth across all occupations fell short of the goal for March by nearly 50%, While experts predicted 180,000 new jobs, only 98,000 were added last month. However, this was enough to help the national unemployment rate fall to 4.5%, which is the lowest in nearly ten years.

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