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Truckers Voice Opposition to State’s New Tolling Plan

Truckers Voice Opposition to State’s New Tolling Plan

The topic of tolls has always been relevant to the trucking industry. These fees are traditionally used to provide maintenance and upkeep for infrastructure. However, some within the trucking industry have voiced their opinion on a recent Rhode Island tolling plan. Those in opposition to this plan claim that the funds will not be used to maintain roads and bridges.

The Rhode Island Trucking Association and NATSO (a national association representing truck stops and travel plazas) has announced that they will be hosting an informational rally and press meeting to help raise awareness about the potentially negative impact of the state’s new tolling plan.

“Rhodeworks,” as the plan is called, will be implemented by the Rhode Island Department of Transportation as a trucker-only tolling plan. This plan allows toll fees levied on commercial vehicle drivers to go toward other ends rather than the maintenance of infrastructure that drivers use.

Given that there are no legal requirements for the toll revenue to actually be used on roads and bridges, many truckers feel that the plan is unfair. Those in opposition to the bill maintain that it could have a number of negative effects. It could decrease commercial vehicle activity within the area, which could also have a major impact on the state’s economy.

Not only with the loss of business have a negative effect on commerce, it could lead to lower tax revenues which may hinder the growth of the state’s public amenities. In addition, this move could divert truckers from interstates to local roads. This move could result in more damage to these roads, which would in turn require additional revenue to repair. The issue will be discussed in detail on October 18th.

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