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Truckers to Stage Protest in Washington D.C.

Truckers to Stage Protest in Washington D.C.

Social activism is one of the many areas where trucking has excelled in recent years. In addition to their contributions to green efforts and the implementation of safety regulations while upholding their freight duties, drivers have become more involved in educating the public.

While some protests are viewed differently than others depending on the cause in question, truck drivers have spoken at length about their concern for safety issues in their industry. Though drivers remain a cornerstone of the economy and provide a vital service for every industry in the country, many in the field believe they are being put in harm’s way unfairly.

A trucking group recently announced that a planned protest will take place in the nation’s capital to help bring attention to the issues and also demonstrate the impact drivers have on American commerce. “The Day Without a Trucker” event is being handled by Trucker Lives Matter – a group that has created public awareness about safety issues in their industry before.

One of the main concerns this group has had is in regards to the laws concerning firearms in various states. Truckers traveling through multiple jurisdictions may find it hard to arm themselves without violating the law. This in turn puts them in a certain degree of danger, as unfamiliar areas statistically make truck drivers easy targets for criminals.

The event, which will take place on September 5th, will include a presentation honoring those professionals who have been slain on the road. Trucker Lives Matter was founded after the gristly murder of an interstate truck driver in 2014 sparked an outrage among many carriers in the industry.

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