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Truckers Prepare for Irma Relief Efforts

Truckers Prepare for Irma Relief Efforts

The worst part of Hurricane Irma is now over, and the damage caused by the storm was every bit as devastating as officials expected.

Coordinating with meteorologists tracking the storm via advanced computer models, lawmakers in Florida and even the federal level warned citizens in the monster storm’s path to evacuate or risk severe harm.

With many parts of Florida under water, countless properties destroyed, and many lives lost, the horror of Irma is something that hasn’t been seen in the U.S. for a long time. Irma, of course, hit the U.S. shortly after Hurricane Harvey, which opened up the 2017 Atlantic hurricane season in a big way. Though the two storms made landfall in different states, they’ve made things difficult for rescuers and relief groups.

Cleaning up after a mammoth storm is never easy. Not only does it mean working in an area that has sustained severe damage, it means getting to areas that may be very hard to access. Flooding and heavy infrastructure damage make it difficult for any vehicle to get to affected locations to help out. As always, commercial drivers are some of the first people turned to in this crisis.

Efforts have already been mobilizing even before the storm hit at its hardest point. Just as officials made the wise move to issue evacuation notices days before the storm made landfall, many truck drivers and carriers have already been packing up supplies like water, canned food, clothing, batteries, medicine, and more.

Several truckers experienced trouble when they tried to help out with relief efforts after Harvey. Some drivers ended up being forced to abandon their trucks on flooded roadways. With a storm like Irma, more of the same could be possible.

The strength of Irma left millions without power, and although it has since been restored, these systems may flicker in and out for some time as equipment is being repaired. There’s also breathtaking footage of a plane being steered temporarily off course by Irma’s winds.

With such a powerful storm, any relief effort is a welcomed sight. Though it may take truckers some time to reach the area, they will be vital to the relief efforts.

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