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Trucker’s Choice During Irma Leads to Stiff Fine

Trucker’s Choice During Irma Leads to Stiff Fine

A truck driver who had been moving freight for 12-years thought he’d seen it all. But the catastrophic Hurricane Irma led to some sights and situations he never imagined.

Kevin Gray was hauling some dangerous cargo on a Monday night with the effects of Irma already being felt. He chose to take the cautious approach, electing to rest and attempt to dodge the storm rather than trying to power through the rough areas.

Gray was already seeing ominous signs as he made his way, driving through what resembled a warzone in some spots. On the way, he encountered a truck that had been flipped over by the high winds. Rather than taking his hazardous load through the 40-50 mph winds, and hoping for the best, Gray decided not to risk it.

His choice seemed like a wise one on the surface. Since he was moving chemicals, the driver knew any accident could result in serious problems. Taking temporary shelter in a strip mall’s parking lot, Gray nodded off to rest until the storm eased up.

When he awoke, he was shocked by what he found. Not only was his vehicle booted, but a sticker on his window informed him he’d have to pay a fine of $650 to drive again.

State Impound Authority of Atlanta, a private company, was the one responsible for the boots. Gray said he explained the situation, but found no sympathy from the company. Their policy regarding private parking areas was a staunch one, and the company was not willing to violate it even in the case of emergencies.

Gray said he doesn’t regret the decision, as continuing on the road that night could’ve put many people in danger. The company has said the signs regarding parking policy were on display throughout the lot. Gray, an owner-operator, elected to pay the fine out of his own pocket.

Hurricanes Irma and Harvey have led to many instances of truckers running into trouble. One driver was fired for giving away his load to residents bracing for the storm, while another ended up having to abandon his truck temporarily in a flooded Texas street.

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