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Truckers And Schools – A Collaboration

Truckers And Schools – A Collaboration

The long-term partnership of Meritor and Trucker Buddy International has resulted in a new pilot project which links kids of a local school and truck drivers who deliver materials to its local New York plant.

This new pilot program with Trucker Buddy International, already in process, has assigned three truckers to 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grade kids at the Cotton Belt Elementary School in New York. These truckers have already become pen pals with many of the kids. According to Krista Sohm, the vice president of Marketing & Communications at Meritor, the trucking industry has been contributing its share for the nation’s economic well-being; it is time the future generations learn of its value.

She believes, “Trucking is vitally important to the nation’s economy and Trucker Buddy helps put a name and a face to the men and women who deliver billions of tons of commodities every year in the United States.” She further added, “Students who participate in the program will never look at a truck on the highway the same way again, because they will have met and interacted with a driver.”

The new course of plan as proposed by the company is that all the drivers will aid in teaching from now onwards; they will work directly with the teachers by sending them postcards, writing letters, and sharing pictures of their trucking adventures across the country so that this valuable exchange and sharing of information about the trucking industry in the U.S. will boost their interest in the field. When the kids will begin writing to their Trucker buddy, they will also be improving their writing skills at the same time.

When asked about how well this trucker buddy project has been doing so far, Sherry Whitesides, a fourth-grade teacher said, “Our Trucker Buddy sends emails and tells us about miles traveled, fuel levels and the weight of his truck and loads – and then asks students math questions. Getting to know him and his job as a truck driver has become part of our class’s lesson plan.”

But Trucker Buddy doesn’t only answer questions relating to the trucking industry, they are also willing to interact with kids when they come up with questions of geography, history, math, and science. Trucker Buddy International reports that it has been receiving all sorts of questions via emails and they are happy to answer them.

Randy Schwartzenburg, the executive director at Trucker Buddy International while talking to the press about it stated, “The teachers know their classrooms, and each instructor wants something different for their pupils.” He further added, “Ultimately, when students understand the importance of trucking, they may be more responsible when they become drivers who share the road with truckers. And, they’ll respect the important role trucking plays every day for each of us.”

Trucker Buddy International’s officials believe that this joint pilot program with Meritor will surely hale the business to expand and at the same time create awareness among kids about the trucking world. Schwartzenburg also believes that more and more companies will hopefully step forward and connect with the children and teenagers and reach out to their local schools.
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