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TruckerLine Reaches 20,000 Registered Users

TruckerLine Reaches 20,000 Registered Users

In the trucking industry, reputation is everything. Drivers are expected to have education, experience, and an excellent driving record. Maintaining and presenting all of this information can be difficult for job-seekers, and TruckerLine has attempted to make this process easier.

This app functions similar to LinkedIn, but is designed specifically for the trucking industry. Users are able to build profiles and manage the necessary information required for most trucking jobs. This app also proves to be a valuable resource for carrier recruiters. It provides them with a large, convenient network of available drivers.

The effectiveness of TruckerLine can’t be denied – the company said that over 20,000 registered Class A drivers have signed up. The app was developed by Outset Partners Inc., and allows drivers to create career profiles they can edit and update as needed. This makes it easy for drivers to apply for new jobs, and also allows companies who are hiring to find potential new hires that could be assets to their organization.

By streamlining the hiring process through a decentralized means, Outset Partners has managed to make the hiring process faster and more efficient. Drivers can be searched for based on their home location as well as their location on the road, allowing drivers to be recruited based on their freight lane.

TruckerLine CEO Chad Cashin said: “From day one, our goal was to make getting a better job easier for drivers. Providing background documentation in a secure, easily sharable format, removes a lot of steps from the recruiting process, while enabling the best drivers’ experience and skills to shine through.”

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