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Trucker Wins GATS Talent Search with Tribute to Relative

Trucker Wins GATS Talent Search with Tribute to Relative

Sometimes the most impactful songs are those that commemorate someone who had a profound impact on the artist. At The Great American Trucking Show, truck drivers have a chance to show their talents far exceed mastery behind the wheel.

GATS is host to the finals of a Trucker Talent Search, one of the many activities that helps those in the industry express themselves and showcase their talents to peers. This year’s show saw Richard Woods, an owner-operator from Mississippi, get the victory.

A panel of judges named Woods the winner after he’d competed against the two other finalists. Woods, who hauls intermodal containers, will also be featured in trucking periodicals and was gifted a $1,000 cash prize. Woods will also win a free recording session with AxieOutPro so he can further his talents and get professional studio quality to match his obvious musical talents.

Woods was very grateful for the honor, saying he didn’t expect to walk away with the prize given how many talented participants were at this year’s event. The Great American Trucking Show has recently focused more on diversifying their features at the show, bringing in acts like the talent show to help drivers show off more of their personalities.

Woods played a song he dubbed “Gran,” a tribute to his great-grandfather. He has four generations of farming and truck driving in his family, and cites his relative as a major inspiration. Woods has been playing guitar since the age of 13, a hobby he was obviously put some time into given his performance at the show.

Woods is currently 42-years-old, but received his CDL all the way back when he was 19. The driver has been in the freight industry ever since. As for his musical inspirations, he cites country legends like Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, and Waylon Jennings, along with artists like Chris Stapleton and Aaron Lewis as well.

All three finalists got a free trip to Dallas where they competed in the contest’s finale. This is the fourth consecutive year the talent show has taken place, and it has been one of the most eventful and engaging features of GATS ever since it was introduced.

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