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Trucker Who Went on Intoxicated Cross-Country Trip Faces Charges

Trucker Who Went on Intoxicated Cross-Country Trip Faces Charges

Instances of intoxicated driving are always scary. Even recreational drugs and small amounts of alcohol can be enough to land a driver in serious trouble – especially if they’re piloting a massive vehicle like a commercial truck.

Headlines were made recently when a truck driver traveled across the country under the influence of hard drugs. The driver, a native of Alaska, admitted to traveling across the country without rest. Gary Robbins confessed to using crystal meth, LSD, and cocaine to fuel his incredible journey.

His erratic behavior at a Circle K gas station in Massachusetts signaled the beginning of the end of his trip, which began at Seattle. As he tried to break into his own cab after ending up locked out, staff at the gas station thought he was having a medical emergency.

It is astonishing that the driver did not injure anyone on his 44-hour trip. He is now facing numerous different charges, one of which is operating under the influence of drugs. His license has also been revoked and his vehicle impounded.

Robbins ended up at a local medical center after officers responded to the call about him. The last delivery he had made was only ten miles away from the gas station.

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