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Trucker Parking Resource Adds New Locations

Trucker Parking Resource Adds New Locations

Even if a truck driver has the road-knowledge or GPS equipment to help them reach their destination with ease, there are other factors which can make taking a trip difficult. One of these is finding parking spaces for large commercial vehicles. While many people never give a thought to the difficulty associated with finding parking spaces, the size of trucks can make finding a safe spot a challenge. But Trucker Path’s trip-planning app Trucker Path Pro has helped drivers around the country find safe parking locations during their journey.

While the app currently lists over 25,000 locations, Trucker Path has announced that an additional 1,000 locations have been added to the database. This unique crowd-sourcing tool utilizes real-time information updated in accordance with trucker-friendly parking locations on the National Highway System. Spaces can be browsed by their availability at any given point during the day. Ivan Tsybaev, the founder of Trucker Path said: “We are committed to improving the shortage of truck parking by providing drivers with the most accurate and detailed information that is available today. By helping drivers locate parking and optimize their stops along their routes, Trucker Path Pro contributes to safety, compliance and job satisfaction in the trucking industry.”

The app has evolved overtime to include other handy services that can make a trucker’s life on the road easier. Trucker Path Pro now lists fuel-selling locations and has real-time details about current fuel costs. The free app also provides an optimized freight marketplace. This resource is contributed to by multiple well-known carriers. These types of decentralized platforms have proven to be some of the most valuable resources for trucker drivers, especially if they’re self-employed. Though it may seem like a small convenience, being able to park comfortably and safely on a trip can make any driver’s journey easier.

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