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Trucker Opposes Banning of Large Traffic on Water Street

Trucker Opposes Banning of Large Traffic on Water Street

The thought of sharing the roads with large commercial vehicles has always made some motorists uneasy. Even though it can’t be denied that truck drivers play a large role in the economy, many people feel that large trucks pose a danger to certain types of infrastructure. In Keyser, the City Council had recently been considering imposing a ban on large truck traffic on water street. However, the president of a local trucking company has voiced opposition to this proposal.

It’s understandable that not every road is designed to accommodate commercial vehicles. Many people are concerned about potholes and other issues with local roads, and it’s believed that large trucks contribute more toward the wear and tear these roads experience. Keyser city administrator Randy Amtower had brought up the possibility of banning large truck traffic from Water Street, a route that many south-bound trucks are taking to avoid traffic signals and longer trips.

During a meeting in late June, Allen Markle, president of Tomar Trucking, voice his opposition to this type of measure. He said: “The person who is driving a truck needs to be able to do it as efficiently as possible.” Markle made the case that truck driving is one of the biggest and most important industries in the country. With trucker traffic expected to increase in the area soon, he maintained that truckers need to be able to use Water Street.

While the available state route is paid for through the trucking company’s taxes, some at the meeting maintained that this didn’t help cover the upkeep costs of the local road. The issue will be given further attention at a future meeting.

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