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Trucker Lives Matter Movement Pursues New Legislation

Trucker Lives Matter Movement Pursues New Legislation

A transportation trade group in South Florida has recently introduced a movement to help make the world a bit safer for truck drivers.

Alarming statistics concerning murder rates for interstate truck drivers (and other workers involved in interstate commerce) has prompted the non-profit organization to begin their “Trucker Lives Matter” movement.

This move, which has been formally launched by the Small Business in Transportation Coalition, has a website with merchandise and a link to their FAQ. The movement is encouraging others to follow along on social media, noting that users can alter their profile picture with a TLM logo.

Among the organization’s chief concerns are legislative efforts to make it easier for truck drivers to prevent themselves from being victimized. A big part of the movement deals with allowing drivers to carry firearms, which would involve bring up the Constitution’s “commerce clause,” which affects firearm possession while entering, exiting, or traveling through states.

TLM is encouraging supporters to petition the National Rifle Association (NRA) to generate support for a pro-firearm bill, also known as the “Michael’s Law Amendment.” The name comes from late over-the-road trucker Michael Boeglin who was killed and burned in his truck in Detroit during June of 2014.

The driver’s widow, Ashley Boeglin, teamed up with James Lamb, President of the Small Business in Transportation Coalition, to help generate awareness and support for driver safety. Many of these efforts focus on making it easier for drivers to thwart attempts of victimization from aggressors. Ashley Boeglin has approved the use of her husband’s name in the bill.

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