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Trucker Lives Matter Announces “Day Without a Trucker” Event

Trucker Lives Matter Announces “Day Without a Trucker” Event

Trucker Lives Matter has been a voice for truckers who’ve been victimized on the job. The dangers of the freight industry go far beyond traffic accidents, and this group aims to raise awareness about all the hazards that drivers face.

September 5th is normally the day when Americans return to work after Labor Day. For many members of the freight industry, it will be a day to make a statement through a planned protest at Washington D.C. to get an important issue the attention that it deserves.

Truckers often find themselves in unfamiliar territory at odd hours, sometimes with few contacts available. The result is that criminals find drivers to be easy targets, making the workers in America’s freight industry more susceptible to harm.

The procession to honor 500+ fallen drivers will be led by one driver’s widow, and will feature hundreds of drivers. The event is being sponsored by the Small Business in Transportation Coalition. The “Day Without a Trucker” event aims to promote the right of drivers to carry firearms from state-to-state as a means of protection.

State laws concerning gun ownership make it hard for interstate drivers to keep themselves protected while on the job. Many advocates of gun ownership in the trucking industry argue that being armed would greatly assist drivers in staying safe from aggressors.

One of the most sobering examples of danger on the road involves the tale of Michael Boeglin, a driver who was tragically murdered and burned in his truck just three years ago. Another driver was murdered in August and three more were shot in Cleveland and St. Louis last week. The continuing severity of this issue means activists are right to be concerned, and their efforts are well-justified given the circumstances.

Before the procession begins, organizers have requested a moment of silence to honor those industry workers who lost their lives on the job. Drivers who can’t make it to the protest are expected to shut down on the 5th, or at least to slow their speed below 5 mph to show solidarity.

A world without truck drivers would leave the economy in shambles. After this event concludes, officials hope measures can be passed to help drivers protect themselves while they perform their job.

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