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Trucker Jailed for Hauling Large Amount of Cocaine

Trucker Jailed for Hauling Large Amount of Cocaine

Drug trafficking is a crime that unfortunately finds its way into the freight transport industry.

The ability drivers have to move large amounts of cargo leads some to engage in illegal activities. There have been several major drug trafficking incidents involving truckers reported over the past several months, many of which have surpassed recent incidents in terms of their severity.

The owner of an El Paso trucking company was recently sentenced to jail for trafficking marijuana. Before that, police in California and other states reported they had conducted some of the biggest drug busts in the states’ history.

The trend shows on signs of stopping, and a Pennsylvania driver now joins the list of truckers convicted on charges of drug trafficking. The driver is sentenced to 64 months in federal prison after being convicted of hauling $500,000 worth of cocaine through Alabama.

The 56-year-old Robert Francis Kelly was found to possess roughly 15 kilograms of cocaine with the intent to distribute. After serving his prison sentence, Kelly will be required to serve an additional five years of supervised release.

The original reason for Kelly being stopped by police was related to suspicious registration information. After being pulled over on Interstate 85 in August of last year, Kelly told police he was driving from Delaware – however, his log records suggested otherwise.

In actuality, the driver had started his trip from the Mexican border was headed toward Atlanta. A suspicious area of the rear truck axle led police to discover part of the drive shaft and rear referential had been completely removed from the vehicle.

This created a compartment, and this is where the driver had been storing the drugs. Officials have given statements, with federal drug forces praising the state troopers for their ability to locate drugs and ensure they are not trafficked into local communities.

Drug trafficking is always a high risk in the trucking industry, as it is one of the few where people have the space and (usually) the privacy to make deliveries. Stricter laws and preventive measures may be implemented to decrease the frequency of these crimes should the trend continue in the future.

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