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Trucker Fired After Giving Away Load to Irma Victims

Trucker Fired After Giving Away Load to Irma Victims

They say no good deed goes unpunished.

Florida is now in recovery mode, with plenty of work left after Hurricane Irma. Weeks ago, however, it was prep-time. With a mammoth storm bearing down on the state, residents scrambled to fortify as best they could.

Truckers are often involved in both pre- and post-disaster efforts. Whether it’s cleaning up after the storm or helping people brace beforehand, drivers have always been vital in times of disaster.

For one long-haul driver, his good deed started as just another day on the job. Tim McCrory was moving some plywood to a Home Depot when he blew a tire.

It took him seven hours for the tire to be repaired, as the area was already preparing for the coming storm. The delay put him behind schedule by a large margin, and when he got to his destination he found it closed. In addition to locking the doors at 9 p.m., they had even boarded the store up as a precaution.

A call to his dispatcher revealed the new plan – bring the load to Atlanta. Before heading out, he decided to take a quick rest. McCrory says he awoke to the sound of a police officer banging on the truck window at 2 a.m., urging him not to bring the load to Atlanta.

The trucker says he was told that the materials would be better suited for local use, given the extreme circumstances. As a man with a family who appreciates a helping hand himself, McCrory was ready to agree to the next new plan.

McCrory and about 20 officers unloaded the sheets, with local residents being allowed to come get them. Helping people in a small-town board up their homes ahead of a hurricane was a good task, but the way the manner was handled may have been the cause of the problem.

Western Express, the carrier who employed McCrory, let him go as a result of his choice. McCrory said he knew that termination was a possibility, as the load was not his to give away. One of the individuals he’d helped set up a GoFundMe for the trucker after hearing the news.

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