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Trucker Files Lawsuit After Accident

Trucker Files Lawsuit After Accident

Accidents happen, but accidents involving commercial vehicles have the capacity to do a great deal of harm. Any commercial vehicle crash usually results in legal action. On July 25th, a complaint was filed in Cabell Circuit Court over purported negligence. James A. Jackson, a self-employed truck tractor owner is currently suing company owner Randy Davis and driver Ralph Kennedy Conley after an accident. Jackson is maintaining that Conley’s failure to control his vehicle in the given conditions caused harm to Conley and his freight.

Jackson claims he was driving on February 3rd on a wet, downward slope on Interstate 77 near Flat Top when he was struck by a tanker truck driven by Conley. According to Jackson, he sustained both physical harm and mental anguish due to the incident. He also maintains that the accident caused him to lose wages and incur unnecessary medical expenses. He claims Conley operated his rig in an unsafe manner, neglecting to maintain a reasonable speed given the terrain and weather conditions.  He is also cited for failing to control his tanker truck and to be aware of additional traffic on the roads.

Truckers must maintain a clean driving record in order to stay employed, and it is uncertain as to how a ruling in the plaintiff’s favor would impact Conley. Jackson is suing both defendants jointly and severally, seeking to get compensation for pain and suffering as well as any additional interest that the court sees fit based on the situation.

A commercial truck driving accident is generally taken much more seriously than a standard vehicle crash. This is due to the amount of damage that large commercial vehicles can cause if they aren’t maintained The case is expected to proceed soon.

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