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Trucker Charged After I-16 Crash

Trucker Charged After I-16 Crash

A massive crash on Interstate 16 landed one truck driver behind bars. The 49-year-old truck driver was booked into the Bibb County Law Enforcement Center shortly after the Tuesday-evening crash.

The ghastly incident led to multiple fatalities and a dozen injuries. Gerald Lawrence Thompson Sr. was given a bail of $50,000. The number represents $15,000 for each of the three vehicular homicide charges the driver faces, plus an added $5,000 for an aggressive driving charge.

The crash occurred near a construction/work zone set up near Ocmulgee East Boulevard. The driver was hauling Ozark coolers and ice chests when his tractor-trailer slammed into a Chevy Cobalt and a pickup truck, causing both vehicles to burst into flames. Sadly, the drivers of these vehicles were not able to escape and lost their lives in the crash.

Among those injured in the crash, four were in stable condition the next day at Macon hospital while three others were in intensive care. One victim, 80-year-old Richard Rozier, ended up in critical condition at an Augusta burn unit. Four others involved were treated and released.

A total of eight vehicles were involved in the crash, including a church van carrying an 81-year-old woman who went into cardiac arrest as a result of the accident. Sadly, she passed away at a nearby medical center shortly thereafter.

While the cab of Thompson’s truck burned, he was not seriously injured in the crash. One of the bodies in the crash was burned so severely the individual has not yet been identified. I-16 was closed down for several hours after the crash.

Sheriff’s officials sent out a list of those injured in the crash including Donnie Barwick (49 of Dublin), Donna Barwick (49 of Dublin), Keith Collins (49 of East Dublin), and Cindy Collins (49 of East Dublin), Amigene Wright (61 of Rentz), and Sheila Hines (56 of Dublin).

Police were unsure about where the trucker was coming from or heading to at first, as his logbook was burned up in the accident. A crash of such magnitude will undoubtedly result in major legal action, and more information about the driver’s fate will be published as soon as proceedings are held.

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