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Trucker Buddy International Continues Charitable Efforts

Trucker Buddy International Continues Charitable Efforts

Many trucking companies participate in charitable causes. These types of practices help them build character in the eyes of potential clients and also allows them to become more well-established in certain areas. Trucker Buddy International is no stranger to providing charity in order to help others, and the popular trucking company recently announced that it is expanding its efforts to an even greater degree. With help from Meritor, Inc. and PeopleNet, the company will be donating money to 19 schools in South Carolina. Trucker Buddy has participated in these types of efforts for many years, and their efforts have helped many schools, teachers, and students.

In addition to making a positive impact on the trucking industry, these types of programs have helped to reverse many of the biases the public has about truckers. Executive Director Randy Schwartzenberg said: “Trucker Buddy’s grass roots efforts benefit everyone in the trucking industry. Fleets, OEMs, suppliers, and drivers benefit from the good efforts of our volunteers by daily providing the public with what is good and great about our industry.” Concerning the company’s ability to shatter stereotypes, Mr. Schwartzenburg said: “I had a parent call me and ask about Trucker Buddy and he said when he heard his child was part of a program with a truck driver he had reservations. He agreed those reservations are unfounded, but the perception is that when you deal with truck drivers there is an automatic bias that comes up.”

The Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based charity allows students to communicate with truck drivers via letters, creating a pen-pal type of communication system. Drivers sent photographs of their travels, and Trucker Buddy has sent $500 to 19 schools (18 in the USA, and one in Uganda). Unlike other types of charities which provide a set amount of supplies, TBI provides cash so each school can get the right supplies based on what they need, whether its books, pencils, computers, or anything else.

Meritor, a company that provides truck components and parts, helped in the efforts and allowed children to meet and talk with members of the organization. PeopleNet helped with underwriting for the program. TBI’s program is one that provides multiple benefits for all involved. By giving back to the community and going the extra mile to help tear down negative stereotypes, the company helps to promote education and boost the image of the trucking industry as a whole.

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