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Trucker Brutally Beaten in Pleasant Prairie Rest Area

Trucker Brutally Beaten in Pleasant Prairie Rest Area

Another sad and alarming case of trucker-targeting has occurred, meaning one more violent crime is added to the long list of attacks on commercial operators.

This incident occurred at the Tourist Information Center on Highway 165 and I-94 near Pleasant Prairie. The chief of police said authorities were first alerted to the incident when someone found blood in the rest stop.

A friendly and laid-back area on most occasions, the facility is usually where newcomers and tourists first find out about the state. Sadly, the early hours of the morning on September 7 yielded a ghastly discovery as police followed the blood trail.

It led them to the parking lot, where they discovered the driver who had sustained a severe beating to the body and head. The 39-year-old trucker from Wausau was stumbling and in very bad shape after robbers jumped him in the bathroom.

The surveillance video has been released, showing little in the way of facial features. However, police are encouraging viewers to look at other clues. Not only do the attackers have very tall frames, but their clothing could also be used to find them according to authorities. Distinct features like the back pockets of the pants as well as their shoes may be the best bet for identifying the attackers.

Early this month, another driver suffered a similar fate when he was robbed and beaten by two men at a rest stop in Dodge County. Before that, there were four attacks on truckers in August with three of them occurring within a one-week span.

This is nothing new – truck drivers have worked diligently to raise awareness about the dangers they face in their line of work. Attackers are not just targeting truckers like they used to – they’re targeting truckers in new locations. Areas which were once deemed as safe for travelers and those unfamiliar with their surroundings have seen more incidents as of late.

Truckers have organized protests, suggested legislation, and taken many other steps to make their job a bit safer. While 20-tons of steel can present a danger for anyone, sometimes the biggest threats for truckers come when the engine has been turned off.

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