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Trucker Attacked and Robbed in Bathroom Stall

Trucker Attacked and Robbed in Bathroom Stall

A truck driver was attacked at a rest stop on I-41 on Monday night by two individuals who reportedly jumped over a bathroom stall.

The driver, whose name has not been released, was traveling in Dodge County when he stopped at a rest area. It is said the incident happened at around 10:30 p.m. that night, and the attackers took off with an undisclosed amount of the driver’s money after they assaulted him.

This is another incident that highlights an unfortunate trend in the freight transportation industry. Drivers are often stereotyped as being tough and self-sufficient, but despite this, they are frequently the target of criminals.

Aggressors like to target those who are unfamiliar with their surroundings, and who lack access to quick communication. Truckers fit the bill, as many drivers find themselves going to new places at odd hours on a regular basis.

Some truckers have even lost their lives as a result of this type of targeted violence. Four truckers perished in August alone, with three of these deaths occurring during the last week of the month.

Perhaps one of the most famous instances of a trucker being attacked on the job was the case of Michael Boeglin, a 31-year-old trucker who was shot and burned in his truck in Detroit.

The concerning pattern has not gone unnoticed – Trucker Lives Matter is an activist group dedicated to raising awareness about this problem and encouraging lawmakers to act.

The Day Without a Trucker movement is dedicated to showing the motoring public the dangers drivers face, and providing a glimpse of how things would be if truckers didn’t exist. The movement consisted of a procession through Washington D.C., and drivers around the country were encouraged to stop operating or at least slow down to show solidarity with the movement.

“Michael’s Law,” which has been proposed by TLM, would give drivers the right to carry a firearm during interstate travel. Their pursuit of constitutional carry across state lines would make it easier for drivers to defend themselves, and help them avoid the complications of differing gun laws in different states.

No further details about the incident in Dodge County have been released as of this time.

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