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Trucker Alliance Petitions FMCSA on New Drug-Testing Policies

Trucker Alliance Petitions FMCSA on New Drug-Testing Policies

The Alliance for Driver Safety & Security (also known as the Trucking Alliance) has continued to petition the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration for a change concerning the type of drug testing allowed in the industry. While urinalysis has been the most common type of testing used to drug-test truck drivers, many carriers are seeing the benefits of using hair-follicle testing.

While the FMCSA currently only recognizes urinalysis, petitioners for change on this matter note that hair tests can be more accurate in detecting recreational drugs in a person’s system.

“Lifestyle drug users have no place in the commercial truck driver profession,” the Alliance said. “Truck driving is an occupation that exposes the general public to possible safety risks, because motorists share the highways with thousands of commercial truck drivers every day. Freight transportation companies, the federal government and state commercial vehicle enforcement agencies have a moral responsibility to ensure that commercial truck drivers are well trained, rested, and drug-and-alcohol-free, as they deliver our products.”

J.B. Hunt Transport had some interesting results using hair tests. More than 4,700 drivers who had passed a urine test showed different results when given a hair test.

With current administrators being less stringent concerning regulations than decision makers in the past, it is unclear whether or not this type of change will become finalized any time soon. Nonetheless, more carriers and drivers are speaking out on the benefits of making a change to more reliable drug-testing procedures.

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