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Truck Tolls overestimated and not realistic in Rhode Island

Truck Tolls overestimated and not realistic in Rhode Island

Truck tolls have long been a problem for truckers. Many places try to set very high tolls for truckers with the idea that since they are commercial vehicles, they should be paying more. The problem with this thinking is that most truckers are honest middle class workers many of whom are trying to stay profitable and launch a small sized business with trucks.

Regularly paying tolls more than 20 dollars is unrealistic for truckers who are already trying hard to compete by keeping their costs low. Such tolls are often not accounted for by the clients and lead to diminishing profits for truckers. Places that have such high toll tax keep them on because they believe them to be a great source of revenue, and believe that the economical benefit to their own government is more valuable than the economical benefits of truckers.

A new study has shown that the basic assumption of toll tax being useful is not as true as the government thinks it to be. The study was done on Rhode Island data and it showed that revenue from high tolls would end up being half as much as predicted by the government’s plans. What this means is that truckers are being forced to pay more and it isn’t even of much benefit to the state that applies the tax. Democratic Governor Gina Raimondo predicted that the tolls levied on trucks would result in $60 million annually. The predictions were based on overoptimistic numbers that did not take realistic figures into account.

The study on the numbers, which was done with the assistance of the consulting firm IHS Global Insight, revealed that the statistics quoted by the governor were more than double of the real figures. Taking real world data into account, it becomes clear that the tolls will only result in $24-37 million. This led Chris Maxwell, the President of the Rhode Island Trucking Association, to say that the numbers the government reported were never going to be realized. He has long been a proponent of doing away with toll taxes and his association has been organizing a fight against toll taxes for a long time.

The Rhode Island Trucking Association believes, like most other truck associations, that toll taxes on trucks are unfair on interstate highways. The reason they believe it is unfair is simple; since the roads and bridges are already built from taxpayer’s money, they should not have to pay for using them every time they go through them. Trucking companies also have many extra taxes levied on them and asking them to pay more for toll tax is considered unfair by such associations.

The Rhode Island Trucking Association has been organizing the campaign to abolish tolls for a long time, and has launched a petition as well as a website to end it. Any trucker who believes in the cause can visit the website of the Rhode Island Trucking Association and sign the pledge. – See more at:

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