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Truck Life: Handling Stress on the Road

Truck Life: Handling Stress on the Road

Unfamiliar territory, inexperienced drivers, demanding dispatchers – these are just a few of the things truck life demands a driver to deal with. While many are up to the challenge of piloting a large rig and making deadlines, these smaller and often unseen frustrations can add up over time. Maybe its fatigue from too many hours worked in a row or even personal issues that have crawled into the cab with the driver, but regardless of the cause, stress on the road is a serious issue. Finding the causes of stress and proper strategies to manage it can make any trip more enjoyable and truck life much more manageable.

What Can Cause Stress? 3 Main Factors
Truck driving is an enjoyable job, but it’s certainly not easy. Trucking can take a lot out of a driver, and there are a few key factors that can contribute to stress:

• Traffic and Travel Issues: Whether it’s an unfamiliar route, a snow covered hill, or a car merging in front of you without signaling, life on the road can be very difficult. While trucking serves as an alternative to traditional jobs, truck life on the road certainly has its own stress factor.

• Disputes with Dispatchers/Receivers: The store manager always wants his delivery ten minutes early and the dispatcher always wants you back well ahead of schedule. Sometimes it’s impossible to make everyone happy, and it’s not uncommon for drivers to feel like they’re pulled in ten different directions on any given work day.

• Family and Personal Concerns: Long hours on the road means time away from loved ones – and sometimes this can put a strain on even the strongest relationship. It’s easy to focus on worries and concerns dealing with these matter, especially when one is isolated on the road with only their thoughts.

Managing Stress on the Road
Thankfully, there are a few solutions truckers can use to deal with these issues and get more enjoyment out of every mile. For starters, common tricks that truckers use to stay awake like listening to loud music or drinking caffeinated beverages can actually cause one to feel more anxious and contribute to stress. Using these in moderation can bring down stress levels significantly.

In addition, every driver should know that there are plenty of resources out there to help them make their trip easier. From trucker reports to GPS systems to travel apps, no trucker has to be alone during their journey even if they’re the only one in the cab. Regulations exist to help drivers protect themselves from being pressured unfairly by the organizations they work with, and more truckers are adopting social media to remain in touch with their loved ones while on the road.

Knowing That Stress is Natural

The best thing to remember is that trucking life is stressful for everyone – even the most seasoned veteran can become drained by trucking life every once in a while. The key is to know that this feeling I natural and that resources are available to help one manage it. Trucking is a rewarding profession, and it can become all the better once driver properly address their stress on the road. – See more at:

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