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Truck Driving – Hope for A New Career

Truck Driving – Hope for A New Career

Trucking industry is a good place to start a new career. Although the working hours are long and drivers are required to spend a lot of time away from home, a career in the trucking industry will provide employees with stability. Christopher Pettyjohn, of Macon, is a shining example of a driver who switched his career to try his hand at driving long-haul carriers. After he was laid off from his job, he tried to find employment for several months, and when all the interviews were unsuccessful and other opportunities didn’t pan out, he decided to try his hand at truck driving.

After noticing a number of job openings, he was impressed by the variety of choices available. Pettyjohn, who is now 43 year old, explained that age is not a huge factor when you are thinking of starting your career in transportation.

He said in a statement, “It’s wide open. It’s a career. There’s always going to be something there.”

However, before he could get behind the wheel, like any other driver, he was required to take necessary training and eventually acquire his Commercial Driver’s License or CDL. He was able to gain a Class-A CDL with tanker endorsement, after completing the training program at the CDL Academy.

Pettyjohn was grateful for the instructions and training exercises
he received at the Richmond Community College in Decatur. John Smith, the college’s truck driving training program coordinator, explains that the college is instrumental in providing the new recruits with necessary instructions and training, helping them to get their Commercial Learning Permit or CLP. Moreover, he explains that the students should expect that they will be spending at least a week to go through the CDL booklet, safety compliance and log maintenance instructions.

Also, before they receive their CLP, all the students will have to pass a drug and physical certification test, mandated by the Department of Transportation. After receiving their CLP, the students can begin their driving instructions and pre-trip inspection, emphasizing on safety compliance.

Smith further said, “We’re talking a huge responsibility. They have to make decisions every minute.”

Richland offers classes from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, and additional 3-weeks on the road training. Fulltime classes are also offered by the institution. The students end up learning a skill, which is highly valued by the employers, and at the end of the term, they possess at least one letter of acceptance from the trucking companies, because they are hungry for well trained drivers and are eager to hire them right out of the training school.

They make their choice by witnessing the students’ presentation in the program. Some students are lucky enough to be approached by multiple carrier companies, which allows them to make an ideal career choice for themselves.

Trucking is a good and stable career choice, which allows an employee to bring home a substantial paycheck, with a good insurance policy. However, commercial driving is not the only choice. There are several opportunities for driving tractor trailers, delivery vehicles and garbage trucks, if the driver is in possession of a Class B Commercial Driver License. – See more at:

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