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Truck Drivers Still in the Lead Against Automation

Truck Drivers Still in the Lead Against Automation

Automation is a term that can cause any industry to take notice. As technology grows more complex, industries can benefit. But there is always a fear that technology will go too far and will take jobs from human workers.

This type of worry has crept into the trucking industry over the past several years. Driverless trucks have been a topic of much discussion, with some worrying that these autonomous vehicles may only gain a spot in the industry at the cost of lost human labor.

However, many carriers are still optimistic about the presence of human labor. While many carriers have been investing in the more eco-friendly and fuel-efficient models on the market, very few are looking to replace drivers.

The general consensus among the tech community is that autonomous vehicles may explode with popularity over the next several years. But the trucking industry is banking one fact – freight transport involves more than just getting goods to their destination.

While commercial driverless trucks have already made test runs successfully, the companies behind them may not understand the freight industry enough to make full use of their technology. Since freight transport involves a detailed understanding of logistics and how to manage costs in the industry effectively, companies that make these new vehicles have one primary option – sell them to carriers.

But many carriers are holding off on making this type of purchase. While some don’t see the vehicles as reliable, others are leery about the regulatory measures which may come with having a vehicle like this in their fleet. Human drivers are more reliable and make for an easier experience – at least for the time being.

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