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Are Truck Drivers at Risk for Data Tampering?

Are Truck Drivers at Risk for Data Tampering?

Though it was once considered to be one of the most “old school” professions available, truck driving has evolved significantly over the past several years. Cloud platforms, apps, and electronic logging devices are all becoming popular within the field for one reason or another. Whether these new tools are adopted by choice based on their convenience or by compulsion based on regulatory mandates, it’s clear that the landscape of trucking has changed.

But while many of these tools provide benefits including better communication, improved asset management, and safer driving habits, they also bring a number of liabilities as well. One of these liabilities deals with how safe a truck driver’s data really is in the modern industry.

Everything from a trucker’s current location on the road to their travel habits to their personal information will likely be accessible in a database in the near future. Though these platforms are designed to be secure, no system is completely free from vulnerability. While these problems can be addressed as they occur (or hopefully before), many are concerned about the damage that could be done from data tampering.

ELDs in particular have raised concerns about driver privacy. The fact that travel data could potentially be accessed is unnerving for some. Autonomous trucks have also caused many to be uneasy, as it has already been proven that the systems of early prototypes could be altered by unauthorized parties.

The influx of modern tools in the trucking industry will undoubtedly continue to have positive effects. But as with anything, potential risks will be present as these changes are implemented. It’s nothing that can’t be responded to, safeguarded against, and even prevented with the proper response. But being aware of these vulnerabilities in the meantime is a wise move.

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