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Truck Driver Indicted for Potential Drug Trafficking

Truck Driver Indicted for Potential Drug Trafficking

A truck driver from California was recently indicted for allegedly trafficking over $300,000 worth of marijuana.

This was the first of three major drug busts which occurred last summer at a weigh station on Interstate 78 in Warren County. The driver was arrested after 54 pounds of the drug were found inside of his tractor trailer.

The driver, 53-year-old Eric T. Shan of Baldwin Park, CA, was indicted last month by a grand jury in Warren County. The distribution charge he faces is a first-degree crime and could carry a sentence of up to two decades if he is convicted.

Two more truckers were busted for hauling millions of dollars-worth of drugs at the same weigh station on I-78. On August 14th, 58-year-old Oscar Franco of Chula Vista, CA, was accused of hauling nearly $3 million worth of heroin. He was indicted this past December.

A little over a week after this bust, another driver was found to be transporting $5.4 million worth of heroin and cocaine. This stop of Henry A. Cru Ventura, a 46-year-old driver from Los Angeles, has been dubbed by state police as the largest cold-stop heroin seizure in US history.

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