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Truck Deliveries Severely Affected By Ice Storms

Truck Deliveries Severely Affected By Ice Storms

Winters have always been tough for the trucking industry. Roads are blocked, resulting in delays with deliveries. Furthermore, due to fog conditions on the road, the rate of accidents is much higher in winter. This year is no exception. The National Weather Service forecasted a cold front is going to push into the Ohio Valley, Northern Plains and the Upper Great Lakes Region. Heavy snow is predicted throughout the Northeast and the Appalachians, advancing towards the East and freezing everything in its path.

One more thing the report mentions is the wind condition in the Northeast and the Great Lakes region, where heavy snowing is projected to band downwind via Ontario and Lake Erie. In the latest forecasts, Lake effect warnings have been put in effect for the Upstate and Western New York. This will most definitely prove to be a big obstacle for delivery enterprises and truck fleets that were planning on making their deliveries before the storm season. Of course, trucking companies will not completely cease all operations, but there is no doubt that they will be greatly affected by the harsh weather.

Winter, already being a slow season, causes further diminishing of profits for the trucking industry as a result of the delays and loss in productivity. Warnings for the Eastern part of Lake Michigan have also been issued by the Winter Weather Advisories who have predicted winds of up to 40 mph and snowing up to 3 feet, which can dangerously affect a driver’s visibility for a quarter mile at a time. Moreover, the Winter Storm Watch has its eyes on Maine, where up to 8 inches of snow is predicted on Tuesday night due to low-pressure system resulting from the arctic air mass.
In order to prevent any safety hazards, resulting from severe weather conditions, which may endanger the driver’s life as well as others on the road, the American trucking industry has been forced to take several precautionary measures.

Recently, the collision between two rigs on Highway 1 resulted in not only the highway being shut down for almost 12 hours as authorities removed fallen goods and debris from the road, but the railway line was also blocked as goods were splattered all over the area. In the north, trucks traveling between America-Canada also had to face severe difficulties due to the ice storm crippling the highways and roads. – See more at:

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